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2018 Ohio Valley CotY Award Recipients

Basement Remodel Over $100,000
Neal's Design Remodel

Historic Renovation Under $250,000
H. Glasgow Construction

Residential Bath $50,001 - $75,000
Norb Boh Construction

Residential Bath $75,001 - $100,000
Neal's Design Remodel

Residential Exterior Over $200,000
The English Contractor & Remodeling Services

Residential Exterior under $100,000
H. Glasgow Construction

Residential Interior Under $75,000
The English Contractor & Remodeling Services

Residential Kitchen $30,000 - $60,000
H. Glasgow Construction

Residential Kitchen $60,001 - $100,000
The English Contractor & Remodeling Services

Residential Kitchen $100,001 - $150,000
Neal's Design Remodel

Residential Landscape Outdoor Living $60,000 and Over
Neal's Design Remodel

Universal Design Bathroom
The English Contractor and Remodeling Services

NARI invites its contractor members across the nation to compete for the prestigious Contractor of the Year (CotY) Awards in recognition of their achievements throughout the year. Companies — from one-person shops to the largest remodeling firms — report that winning a CotY Award is a major factor in enhancing their image within the industry as well as with the buying public.

Are You New to CotY?

With a membership consisting of Ohio Valley's remodeling industry's finest, it's no wonder that each year we have many first-time entrants who go home with local awards. If you are considering participating in the CotY program for the first time, or even if you are a seasoned participant, take a look at these easy steps in the process.

In the Process

Start taking pictures
: Before and after photos are required for each entry. Make it a point to take before photos at the start of every project. Take your after photos from the same angle, if possible, to show the judges the same perspective. Take lots of good quality pictures of your work.

Review the program

All the details are included in the new online entry system. You can view the categories for 2016 and also the judging criteria available on the main registrant login page.

Plan your entry
Winner's entries are always well thought out. Arrange your photos, drawings, project descriptions, etc., in a way that's easy to follow, from the beginning to the end of the project.

Follow the rules

Choose your category carefully, fill out the forms completely, and submit your entry by the deadline.

Ohio Valley NARI - local CotY entry deadline is
5:00 PM – November 9, 2015.
NARI National - regional and national CotY entry deadline is November 23, 2015.

Plan for the recognition ceremonies

The local chapter will have a recognition ceremony on December 8, 2015 at The Elements Conference and Event Centre in Sharonville. The recognition ceremony for regional and national awards will take place in March 2016, in a location yet to be announced..

Tips for marketing winning entries

Hire a professional photographer for before/after photos for trade and consumer publications, your own future brochures and for your website, and anywhere else you want to show off your beautiful project.

Remember when taking photos that both vertical and horizontal photographs are essential to have on hand. Sometimes magazines or newspaper space requires vertical photos (especially for magazine covers) and you give your project a better shot at getting chosen having both vertical and horizontal formats available.

Third-party endorsements are important! Awards have a lot of marketing mileage; they can generate publicity, and help in recruiting and retaining employees. They add credibility to your sales materials and can make getting through a new customer's door a bit easier.

Here are a few ways to publicize your award:

Write a tip sheet that ties into the problem you solved. Example: "10 Ways to Find More Space in Your Kitchen," and offer the tip sheet to both your local media and to prospective customers. Post the tip sheet on your website as well, with before and after photos of the project.

If one of your employees wins an achievement award, explain why they won it and suggest a profile story to your local media. Post the profile on your website for all to see.

Entry Information

Local Ohio Valley NARI and Regional Contractor of the Year Awards

2017 NARI Award Program Entry Form (Word doc)
2017 NARI Awards Program Photo Release (Word doc)

The following link is to register for both local, regional and national competitions. You will register one time but need to select SUBMIT THROUGH YOUR CHAPTER and select Ohio Valley as the chapter you are entering in, or select SUBMIT DIRECT TO NATIONAL if you wish to enter the regional competition. View a short training video on how to use the Electronic Submission Site.

2016 Local and Regional CotY Registration Information

NARI Regional and National Contractor of the Year Awards

For National CotY information, please click here

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